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UWS offers digital currency services based on OpenCBDC technology, a Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) project being co-researched and developed by the Federal Bank of Boston and MIT in the United States.

160,000+ transactions per second across multiple computers (nodes) through Transactions on Parallel and Distributed Systems.

UWS OpenCBDC Architecturual

Multi Issuer System

UWS helps businesses and developers improve digital finance with a one-stop management system that allows digital currency issuance, remittance, exchange, and redemption.

A one-stop digital currency management system from issuance to remittance, exchange, and redemption.

Mobile App

Master DashBoard Web

High Performance Mainnet

High-performance blockchain Mainnet for scalable Ethereum-based decentralized apps (DAPP).

Up to 10,000TPS

Mainnet Architecturual

Interchain Bridge

UWS helps businesses and developers expand their financial services through Interchain Bridge enabling interoperability among blockchain-based virtual asset services and between blockchain and legacy financial services.

High-speed Bridge services through OpenAPI

Interchain Bridge Architecturual

Asset Management

Leverage blockchain and smart contract technologies to automatically manage the lifecycle of your entire asset, including customer asset payments, archiving, and investment, enabling fast, convenient, and secure asset management.

Automated Asset Management Using Smart Contracts and Blockchain

Custody and Vault

Securely store and manage assets with verified and controlled custody services preventing theft of digital financial assets.

Securely store your digital financial assets

AMM (Automated Market Makers)

UWS provides an AMM-based decentralized exchange (DEX) based on an algorithm determining the price of tokens to be supplied to a liquidity pool.

AMM Formula: K (constant) = X (X token balance) * Y (Y token balance)


High-performance mainnet enables traders worldwide to trade virtual assets efficiently on transparent and fair exchanges.

Exchange that includes DeFi as well as virtual asset transactions

Trading on DEX Exchange