We offer optimal management
solutions in a data-driven
enterprise environment.

Machine Learning

UWS provides a full range of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning services and carries out all stages from building to deploying and managing infrastructure and resource sets through machine learning services by cloud providers.

Establish a machine learning lifecycle from data collection to model development, deployment, and management.

ML Lifecycle Stages and Components

Big Data

UWS uses cloud data lakes to help collect, store, and analyze customers' enterprise bulk data.

Collect and analyze massive amounts of structured and unstructured data.

Building big data by using data lake on Azure

Data Pipeline

UWS enables data-driven workflows by collecting/preprocessing customer data and automating all data transfers and conversions for analysis and various data uses.

Automated data transfers, conversions, and analytics using data pipelines in the cloud

Building big pipeline by using Azure Data Factory

Data Analysis – Google BigQuery

UWS enables data analytics to be quicker and more convenient with BigQuery, Google Cloud's fully managed enterprise analytics service.

Analyze terabytes of data in seconds and petabytes in minutes.

BigQuery Architecture enabling massive data analysis

Data Monitoring – DataDog

UWS supports the implementation of DataDog, which provides full stack monitoring by collecting and analyzing various data (matrix, traces, logs, etc.) generated in the legacy IT environment and Cloud.

Infrastructure, container services, databases, and applications monitoring through a single dashboard.

Real-Time Interactive DataDog Dashboards

Unified Cloud Data Management - ALTA

UWS helps customers safely operate and manage their data management responsibilities through Veritas ALTA, a unified cloud-native data management platform.

Unified data management ensures cost savings, data and application protection, high availability, and compliance.

Gain control over all enterprise data and applications

Clouds and Environments of Any Size

Data Protection

The most cost-effective, resilient, and autonomous cloud data protection through a combination of automation, artificial intelligence, and elasticity

Application Resilience

Application migration across clouds and on-premise switches are made easy.

Compliance & Governance

Reduce risk and optimize data footprint by automating data classification and quickly discovering and removing legally challenged data.

Enterprise Backup & Recovery


UWS integrates data on-premise and cloud for backup and recovery with Veritas Netbackup, an enterprise backup and recovery solution based on cloud-scale technology.

Enables the movement, copying, and recovery of data from one cloud to another with the latest virtualization technologies

87% of Fortune Global 500 Companies Chose NetBackup

Delivers exceptional performance and cost savings.

Cloud Optimization

Eliminate the complexity of multi-cloud environments with integrated data management and expand Cloud Object Storage.

Operations Automation

Provides backup and DR automation in a scalable way in the cloud with single-click recovery, custom scripting, and DR rehearsals.

Data Resiliance

Provides secure resiliency with data integrity, role-based access control (RBAC), multi-factor authentication, and strong encryption.

NetBackup Appliance

UWS delivers NetBackup software seamlessly integrated with advanced server and storage technologies to help protect enterprise-class data, ease operational management, and reduce costs.

Efficiently deploy, scale, and recover customized data management environments to meet the needs of businesses.

Three powerful ways to deploy, scale, and protect workloads

NetBackup Flex

Extends NetBackup data protection with multi-tenant capabilities.

White Paper

NetBackup Flex Scale

Automated data protection services in scale-out architecture.

White Paper

NetBackup Access Applicance

Long-term data retention with proven ransomware resiliency.

Data Sheet

High-speed data transfer - Aspera

With IBM Aspera solutions, UWS uses breakthrough transfer technology for long-distance big data and streaming data to eliminate bottlenecks and optimize available network bandwidth to maximize speed and quickly scale up with no theoretical limit.

Fast, Adaptive, and Secure Protocol (FASP®) transfer technology developed by IBM provides a secure, efficient transfer environment.

Excellent transfer solution for high-speed data transfer

Big Data Transfer and Synchronization

Quickly transfer, distribute, and synchronize large files and data sets globally.

Near Zero Streaming Latency

Delivers data of all sizes and video with virtually unlimited bit rates with near-zero latency.

Hybrid Cloud

Build highly scalable workflows that run on-premise, in the cloud or both.

Data Redundancy & Recovery - InfoScale

UWS provides various high-availability critical business services and disaster recovery with Veritas InfoScale, a verified integrated availability platform for physical, virtual, and cloud infrastructures.

Enables redundancy and disaster recovery across all on-premise and cloud environments, intending to achieve zero downtime.

Single, integrated solution for high availability across IT infrastructure

Industry leaders, from small and medium-sized businesses to multinational corporations, prepare for digital transformation by implementing InfoScale.

Predictable IT Service Continuity

Provides options for performing local recovery (high availability), broad area recovery (campus cluster), and global recovery (WAN recovery) with a single mouse click

Cost Optimization

Cost savings of 50% can be achieved through efficient mobility applications and data between on-premise and cloud platforms.

Business Agility

Redundancy and disaster recovery, which took months in the past, can be completed in hours at the earliest.