We minimize compliance risks
and respond quickly to regulatory
inquiries through business transparency.

Digital Compliance – Merge 1

With Veritas Merge1, UWS collects and archives data stored across all communication platforms to quickly identify and address compliance risks.

Data collection and archiving with direct access to over 120 content sources

The only universal ingestion engine with over 120 content sources

Merge1 finds and archives all your high-risk data in a full-threaded conversational context.

Capture Everything

Archive text, voice, video, and telephone records with a robust partner ecosystem.

Minimize Risk

Support internal investigations and external lawsuits with compelling information.

Reduce Complexity

Automate archiving and management, eliminate unnescessary data, and reduce costs.

Digital Governance – eDiscovery Platform

With eDiscovery Platform, a powerful engine for conducting large-scale, dataset-driven searches, UWS helps organizations quickly identify and troubleshoot file issues.

eDiscovery Platform, an intuitive interface, enables compliance officers and legal IT staff to perform better risk management.

Respond to regulatory requests (FOIA and GDPR) with an integrated classification engine and advanced redaction features.

eDiscovery Platform addresses all digital compliance needs with fast and accurate results

Flexible & simple deployment

Collect and efficiently map data from on-premise, virtual, and cloud environments, and enable secure discovery from collection to production.

Effective Review

Process and analyze over 500 different file types with flexible workflows.

Advanced analytics

Quickly identify critical evidence and manage risk using machine learning and leveraging distributed architecture configuration.

Improve Production

Securely scale discovery by isolating, prioritizing, and exporting only accurate content.